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State-of-art development environment deliver high caliber solution without expert programmer in short span of time. Codeless programming possible using on-line compiler developed by company itself considering practical requirement of business operations. Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform using pre-built components such as Delphi, clarion and C-languages.
On-line compiler interpret database into various actions:

  • Entry forms
  • Database connectivity
  • Master-slave connectivity
  • Validations and integration
  • Report Templates
  • Listing reports
  • Charting
  • Business alerts
  • Document management
  • Work flow management

When events were added to classes it enabled business application development, especially the visual development of graphic user interface. But event handling is still expressed via textual programming languages through DLLs - Dynamic Link Libraries.

The idea of codeless programming is to add "User Actions" to classes. Adding actions to classes eliminates the need of textual programming languages, making generic purpose codeless and visual programming possible without sacrificing programming power.

Visual programming by "properties, methods, events and actions" can be a fifth-generation programming language. One issue is that while visual programming innovation has its unique advantages in some aspects it also has its limitations in other aspects also.


  • It is the first successful generic purpose Visual Codeless Programming system
  • It is easy to use and simple to learn; no need of any technical training to write software
  • Greatly reduces time and cost of application development
  • Allows businesses to update and modify their own applications; no need to rely on the developer or maintain a technical staff
  • Designed to allow for unlimited expansion of its capabilities by any database software programmer
  • Special business logic added through DLL – Dynamic Link Library
  • With only 1hr of training, even student of computer stream, user can build and use various database applications.


  • Pre-defined Graphical User Interface
  • Operative standards
  • Customization in designer way

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