• Implementation

Navigatorâ„¢ uses a business-process-oriented methodology for rapid implementation. Once match of existing business rules with best-practice done, deployment is extremely rapid. Typically, businesses are up and running in a matter of weeks.


  • Describe business processes and functional requirements
  • Identify unconventional business processes and identify proposed solutions
  • Identify activities and the amount of data that must be migrated, if possible
  • Define time schedules and review available resources

As-Is & To-be meeting:

  • Clarify and elaborate on all business processes As-is and To-be
  • Define authorization levels over business processes
  • Review data conversions needs, if any
  • Review critical success factors in each section
  • Define specification of possible add-on / customizations
  • Prepare detailed GAP analysis report and submission for approval


  • System Installation
  • Set-up users, roll and rights
  • Perform data migration steps
  • Receive raw data for import
  • Test the validity of converted data for integration


  • Simulate all major business processes that have defined
  • Manual pilot-run of all major business processes with a super user
  • Compare the data to established reports
  • Review results and obtain GO-Live sign off

User Training:

  • Basic navigation, operating, data manipulation and data output training to all users
  • Department level business process training
  • Perform a month or quarter parallel run for hands-on-system


  • Gather masters, open-orders, inventories and FA closings
  • Prepare data-sheets to import
  • Upload and review according to current system

After Going Live:

  • System review according to post go-live checklist
  • Perform a month or quarter end closing to review reporting
  • User feedback and suggestions for easiness
  • System amendment for better results
  • Keep in touch with users and results

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